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Time Saving Tip

Please print and fill out the patient information form, and the History Form then bring it with you when you come in for your appointment.

Also, please use our Medication Form to list any medications you are currently taking.

Comprehensive Eye Care for the Entire Family.

What makes our vision and eye health assessment special?

We perform a detailed computer-assisted analysis of your eyes’ focusing ability, muscle coordination, and internal and external health. Our diagnostic instruments are the latest in technology, allowing us to evaluate your central and peripheral vision, create a topographical map of your eye curvature, and even create a digital photograph of the inside of your eye.

Drs Driver and Clark offer comprehensive eye care for the entire family. Most importantly, we listen to you in order to provide optimal solutions for your individual needs.

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Financial Information


We contract with many inurance companies. Medicare, Blue Cross, Coventry, Principal, Prefered Health Care, & Vision Care Direct. If you have insurance that we do not contract with, we would be glad to help fill out paperwork for you.


Alternative Financing Options


VISION CARE DIRECT is a vision plan that is owned and operated by Private Practice Eye Care Providers (PPECP) through the creation of state Independent Physician Associations (IPA). We cut out the middle man which allows patients to pay smaller premiums and allows doctors to provide better care.

Visit the Vision Care Direct Website for more information.



CareCredit is a flexible patient payment program, specifically designed for health care expenses.

Visit the CareCredit Website for more information.

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Marilyn, Insurance and Finance